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INTV, a leading TV Graphics service provider in the Russian broadcast market, has chosen ATLAS (INTV) TV automation real time graphics workstation and Adobe technology used to broadcast trough YouTube the 2015 Miss Russia beauty contest.

“Miss Russia” committee came to us so that we could facilitate the design and the set up on the Panorama HD-11 OB Van that was subsequently used to produce the 2015 Miss Russia Pageant,” said Vitaly Putilin Chairman of INTV.

“INTV is an important player in the Russian broadcast market, but with the experience of its Chairman, Vitaly Putilin, it has always promoted an innovative approach to a wide range of live and recorded broadcasts,” - said Hugues Lambert, CEE Sales Manager for EVS. “And this despite the very tight schedules that are often imposed for such projects. INTV also has the characteristic of always searching for the most cost-efficient solutions for its customers. Therefore if INTV decides to work with EVS, it is proof that our technology provides the reliability, speed, and flexibility that partners find valuable.”

The Panorama HD-11 OB Van equipped with the following equipment for the 2015 Miss Russia beauty contest:

1. 2 x INTV ATLAS™ real time TV graphics workstations,

2. INTV STAT-PROXY™ interactive voting system, p>

3. 2 x INTV IPCast™ IP encoder,

4. 3 x EVS SD/HD XT[3] production servers (6 channels) for the ingest and the playout,

5. EVS Mutlicam 12 for highlights creation,

6. EVS IPDirector control stations for content management,

7. EVS XF[3] for removable storage and archiving

Example of TV graphics om MISS RUSSIA 2015