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Meteora Clip Machine

The METEORA clip machine is a universal video player based on the solid-state RAM technology.

Time and time again, it has proved to be an absolutely indispensable source of a video signal that is compact, reasonably priced, simple in use and, above all, very reliable. In actual fact, METEORA is well positioned to replace expensive and complicated equipment in many applications, where it might be necessary to play out a number of video clips in a row or repeatedly with an instant access.

The Compact Flash standard memory cards are used for storage of video clips, and an SDRAM memory – for their consequent rendition. Unlike the VCRs, DVD players and video servers operating on the basis of hard drives, the METEORA clip machine consists of no movable parts that could be worn out over time. Apart from that, as opposed to video servers based on computer platforms and run by complex operating systems, METEORA contains considerably less software with which it can be managed. All these factors significantly increase the level of reliability of this sophisticated device.

The METEORA clip machine is to be used for rendering of both full-screen static and animated graphics (short vdeo clips, promos and logos, slides, etc.) The clips may contain a crucial signal KEY (4 transparence levels) that allow to superimpose them over the program signal.

The clip machine may also be used in three main configurations: as a simple video signal source (only FILL output); as a source of a video signal with a mask ( FILL and KEY output for external keying); and with the internal DSK mixer used for imposition of graphics over program image.

The METEORA clip machine is equipped with an inbuilt audio player for a simultaneous sound reproduction.


The device may be used as a generator of animated backgrounds for chroma keyer or design of television studios. A videoclip is played out on loop and rendered upon the plasma panels or project devices that are installed in a studio pavilion. As an option METEORA can have three independent video outputs with an opportunity of a simultaneous rendition of different video clips.

The still store. Playout of static images either on air or upon the plasma displays in a studio. These could be announcements, location maps, key materials of newsreels, photographs and all kinds of graphics.

It can be used as a video player equipped with an instant access to the clips (Instant Replay). This enables playing out of clips at the touch of a button. It also ensures the programs’ headings, break-ups, animated promos and logos, as well as a range of video jingles utilized in a number of television game shows.

The test signals generator, colour-bar generator, colour fields, gradients and other test patterns.

The emergency reserved signal generator. Standby logo of a TV station used while off air, in case of emergencies or at the end of daily/nightly broadcasting services.


Clips are formed from the graphic files sequences that have been prepared and converted into a native TNG format which is optimized for rapid transmitting of clips from a CF card to internal memory.

In order to create TNG files, a program converter is included in a delivery package. It operates with the standard TGA file sequences. In turn, these can be created by any graphic editors.

The created clips are written and stored on the Compact Flash memory cards. The Card Reader device is included in the delivery set for this, whereas the generator is equipped with a CF adapter. The recorded clips are kept on the CF when the power is off. When it is back on again, the generator reads off from the memory card the current settings and proceeds by uploading the selected clips in the SDRAM. It is from here that they will be played out later.

Clips may be accompanied with audio. METEORA supports the WAV files witch are PCM, 48 kHz, 16 bits, stereo. They require no preliminary processing at all.

The Compact Flash memory cards accept hot swapping, i.e. they may be inserted in or pulled out of the adapter when the power is on.

  • Compact body frame (RACK 1U);
  • Storage and transmitting of videoclips from the Compact Flash standard memory cards;
  • Format of graphic clips: YUV 4:2:2, with no compression;
  • The SDRAM total memory volume: 512 Mb or 1Gb;
  • Total duration of graphic clips: 25 or 50 seconds;
  • Playing out either with or without an alpha channel;
  • Audio format: PCM, 48kHz, 16 bit, stereo;
  • Local control;
  • External control panel;
  • GPI interface;
  • Serial RS-232 or RS-422 interface control;
  • Optional DSK mixer;
  • Switching on/off on an embedded audio in an output SDI signal from menu;
  • Firmware upgrade from CF;
  • PREVIEW PAL output;
  • SD SDI (ITU-R BT.656) output signals.