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Miss Russia 2016 – when dreams come true.

As a good long-standing tradition in the middle of spring INTV company taking part in the final ceremony of Miss Russia 2016 beauty contest.

This year event was design in a space theme with numerous planets and stars magic. Organizing team of this event has prepared a fascinating video clips, which played on a video wall of the concert hall “Barvikha Luxury Village”. Twelve ladies of heavenly beauty competed in the final intellectual competition for the right to be a symbol of Russia in 2016. The questions were so difficult and extraordinary that a simple person would have certainly confused.

To make final ceremony better, organizing team prepared great performance and entertainment program. Each girl went out on stage in swimsuit and then in evening dress. This part of event accompanied by live music, performed by russian singers. Even the winner of the world famous contest “The Voice. Children” sang the lyrical song “The Little Prince”.

While on stage of concert hall Miss Russia 2016 beauty pageant took place, INTV company engineers in a partnership with ERUA company producers and “Vek XXL” OB Van team created a live webcast of the contest. INTV provided: full set of TV graphics templates of the pageant and it’s SMS-voting by “Express-Titles” software (INTV), 4-channel recording and 2-channel playback using EVS XT [3], full archiving and backup of video content with Apple ProRes HQ @ 185Mb/s codec by server EVS XFile, and stream signal encoding using IP-Cast technology developed by INTV company, which allowed the audience of thousands viewers to watch live stream on YouTube channel.

During the broadcast was demonstrated new feature of software “Express –Titles”: all TV graphics compositions of SMS-voting played automatically from the playlist. This feature significantly simplifies operators work.

In a private conversation Direction of "Miss Russia" gratitude INTV CEO, Vitaly Putilin for organizing Internet broadcast of the beauty pageant and expressed plans for further partnership in future years.


Final ceremony of "Miss Russia 2016" contest.