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INTV on matches UEFA European Qualifiers

INTV has official approved from UEFA for graphic creation and playout on matches of European Qualifiers 2014-2016 using graphic workstation Atlas-Sport

12 of June on Sconto stadium (Riga, Latvia) we had the first work day with Latvian OBVan team on Latvia – Netherlands broadcasting. Graphic workstation Atlas-Sport worked during all match time with support of INTV engineer. The next match, Belarus - Spain, placed on Borisov arena, was fully provided by INTV engineer without any mistakes or remarks from UEFA managers.

Graphic workstation Atlas-Sport has many new features, such as:

  • TimeLine for editing in\out effects of composition.
  • Event countdown timer and local time on stadium
  • Unicode support for text encoding and representation.
  • Statistics import from official UEFA source
  • Kerning and horizontal text wrapping support.

Now engineers of INTV prepare graphic station for next events – Match days 6 and 7.

 P.S. All multimedia materials with game data, which used in this text, only for demo. Real game has different results.

TV graphics created by Atlas-Sport for UEFA Qualifiers matches.