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khl M1 SportEx15


Graphic workstation is using for template creations for TV sports broadcasting: football, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, water polo, athletics, big tennis, MMA, boxing, arm wrestling, weightlifting, shooting, etc.



  • Creating and editing of teams and players database.
  • Import data into database from official sources (data system, ftp of sport federation, external database, etc).
  • Creating and editing of sport statistic table on competitions: shots on target, disqualifications, fouls, goal, etc.
  • Creating of graphics templates for the Internet and TV broadcasting.
  • Integration with official sport data and timing systems and receiving from them game and time data: game time, period number, disqualification of players, home and guest scores, data penalty times, etc.
  • Integration with statistic systems of competitions and autofill of graphics statistic table.
  • Customization of graphic control interface (GUI) with capability of templates distribution into logic groups, binding them into control buttons, and adjust buttons size, color and position.
  • Autofill of templates from the database, statistics and scoreboard systems.
  • Real-time graphics rendering and replay of graphics templates.
  • TV graphics transition for instant replay.
  • Audio player with synchro-start of graphics templates
  • Remote control unit (RCU) for quick playback of TV graphic.
  • HD/SD formats.


  • ATLAS workstation: Windows 7 32/64, Intel Core i7, 16Gb/ Interfaces - GPI, LTC, RS232/422/485.
  • Video interfaces: BM DeckLink 4K Extreme, Matrox, AJA for connection to air studio and OBVan. Graphics output in the TV standard (Fill&Key signals)
  • ATLAS-SPORT Software. Database, Broadcast Graphics Design, Rendering Engine, Graphic Templates Designer.
  • Graphics transition program option. TV graphics transition for instant replay through GPI-Tally and control of graphics templates with remote control panel MTR-CTL Pult/16.
  • SPORT-PROXY program option. Provides manual and automatic data transfer with official sport data and timing systems to autofill of sport graphics templates. It supports the following manufactures: ARANEUS (Russia), NAUTRONIC (Denmark), ESK (Poland), MTVisual (Italy), VICTORY (Russia), NATA-INFO (Russia), STRAMATEL (France), SWISS TIMING (Switzerland), Bodet (France), Lynx (USA), ALGE-TIMING (Germany), etc.
  • STAT-PROXY program option. Installed on a standalone PC, allows to operatively collect statistics data and to send it through network to the graphic workstation, and to count percentage ratio of ball (puck) possession each team.
  • METROPOLE program option. Broadcast score through Web/SMS services.
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Demo of TV football graphics from Atlas-Sport station. UEFA Euro women's 2017.

Real work of Atlas-Sport station on AIBA APB competitions, Tashkent 2016.

TV sport grafics of UEFA Europa League 2015-2016 by ATLAS-SPORT

TV sport grafics of EURO 2016 QUALIFICATION by ATLAS-SPORT

Atlas-Sport at "M1 Challenge" tournament

Atlas-Sport at KHL competition, HC Dinamo (Riga) - HC Traktor (Chelyabinsk)

Atlas-Sport at VTB United League basketball competition,

«Lokomotiv-Kuban» Krasnodar, Russia - CSKA Moscow, Russia

Atlas-Sport - Aquatica

FULL HD Graphics. Download PDF Atlas-Sport - Aquatica (RUS)

Atlas-Sport - Aquatica

SD Graphics. Download PDF Atlas-Sport - Aquatica (RUS)

Atlas-Sport at VTB United League basketball competition,

St. Petersburg, 2014.

Atlas-Sport Men's European Cup EHF Champions League, Handball competition.

St. Petersburg, 2014.

Atlas-Sport - Athletics